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I’m An AdAge “Ad Insider”

Last updated 10/25/2021 ◌ First posted 11/21/2020 ◌ 2 minute read

Look, it may not be the most official declaration they’ve ever made, but I don’t care – it’s in print on the website and I’ve got the screenshots to prove it. I’m an “ad insider” according to the best advertising magazine out there.

(Did you see what I did there with the anchor text? That’s a real ‘ad insider’ move, if I do say so myself – and one intended to engender the AdAge people to me in case they ever come across this.)

Anyway, AdAge reached out to a bunch of folks about holiday gift ideas in the time of choler- uh, covid.

I suggested green screens:

green screen gift guide screenshot

AdAge picked the brand, but I stand by my reasoning.

Little did I know I’d be doing a little work for a green screen company myself in the following year – it’s funny how that happens.

Point is, whoever penned the intro included the tagline, “the best gifts for ad insiders, from ad insiders.

Oh, you don’t say?

adage ad insider header screenshot

Whether they intended it or not, I’m running with it. That’s going on my resume. And my LinkedIn.

ethan hulbert linkedin screenshot

Thanks for reading my articles – now brought to you by an AdAge Ad Insider 😉

Written By Ethan Hulbert